2022Member Referral Program

Member Referral Program

Get rewarded when you "Buy With Friends"

Share $25 in Savings & Get $25 in Tournament Credits

The member referral program is setup to thank and reward our current members for introducing new golfers to the PBCGA. Each PBCGA member is assigned two unique coupon codes within their player profile. One coupon code is assigned for membership referrals and one coupon code is assigned for tournament referrals. 

Example: Brian and Matt both belong to the same country club and enjoy playing competitive golf. Brian is a current member of the PBCGA but Matt is not. While playing their weekly round of golf at the club, Brian tells Matt all about the PBCGA and refers Matt to check out the upcoming tournament schedule of events at PBCGA.org. Brian remembers that he has a coupon code to share for $25 off a new PBCGA membership! Brian shares his membership coupon code with Matt. Matt goes home and signs up for the $125 PBCGA membership, but after entering Brian’s code, Matt only pays $100! Since Brian is such a good friend and ambassador for the PBCGA, he also shares a second coupon code with Matt that saves Matt $25 off his first tournament! Brian goes back home happy he could help a fellow friend save a few bucks, and to Brian’s delight, the next time he logs into his players account, he has $50 to spend on his next event! 

Where do I find my Coupon Code?

All current PBCGA members can find their personal code under the “Rewards” tab within the player profile, or for a direct link to the rewards tab  CLICK HERE

Members can even share their coupon codes via Facebook or Twitter with just one click!

How many referrals can I cash in on?

As long as the referral is new to PBCGA, and your membership is in good standing, rewards are unlimited!

How does the Membership Coupon Code Work?

Share your coupon code with someone new to the PBCGA. They will receive $25 off their membership, and you will get a $25 credit on your PBCGA account after they register for the membership.

How does the Tournament Coupon Code work?

SAME DEAL AS THE MEMBERSHIP COUPON! Share your tournament coupon code with someone new to the PBCGA, and they will receive $25 off a tournament. Once they register for a tournament, you will get a $25 credit on your PBCGA account.

What is my reward for sharing both my membership and tournament coupon codes? 

Total of $50 per new member that signs up for at least one tournament! No Limit!

Who is considered an eligible  “New Member”?

Any member that is new to PBCGA and did not hold an activated membership or participated in the past 6 seasons (2016-2021). 

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