Pace of Play

If you plan to participate in any tournament(s) conducted by the Palm Beach County Golf Association (PBCGA), it is important that you read the following information. It is your responsibility to know the rules and regulations concerning participating in PBCGA events.

An average rate per hole will be set for all PBCGA Championships. Each competitors scorecard will reflect their allotted time per hole and the Tournament Committee will have a copy of these timing sheets available for reference. 

Each player must follow the ready golf procedures [taking no more than 45 seconds to play a shot] during their round and must play without undue delay.

If a player is concerned about the slow play of one of their fellow competitors, the player must remind the competitor of the Pace of Play Policy and encourage them to play more efficiently. Once the slow play has been addressed by the competitors, the player may request an available official to monitor the group during any point of the round. 

  • Checkpoints will be on Nos. 9 & 18 unless otherwise indicated
  • Players will not receive warnings prior to notification of breach
  • Each group is responsible for monitoring their own pace and abiding by the PBCGA Pace of Play Policy
  • Officials will proactively monitor pace, and players are encouraged to inquire of their position on course
  • To avoid penalty groups must complete its checkpoint hole:
  1. Under the allotted time, or
  2. Within 15 minutes of the group ahead
  • All players in a group in breach of the PBCGA Pace of Play Policy at any checkpoint are subject to penalty
  • First Breach of Round = one stroke penalty to each player in the group
  • Second Breach of Round = an additional two-stroke penalty to each player in the group
  • An Official will verify penalties with groups in the scoring area
  • The maximum time allowed to complete play of the course or the holes between checkpoints
  • Pre-determined by the Tournament Committee and may be adjusted between rounds
  • Set for each course and will be posted in multiple prominent locations at the tournament site
  • Inclusive of time for ball searches, rulings, and walking or travel time between holes
  • Designated on each player’s scorecard and/or on PBCGA Pace of Play memorandum

A groups completion time at each checkpoint is measured when the flag stick is replaced in the hole once all players in the group have holed out.


First Group(s) off Either Tee – will be judged solely on Time Par until they reach (within 15 minutes) any group ahead of them. Official PBCGA clocks will be located on the course for player’s reference.


Any group that completes a checkpoint hole in breach of the PBCGA Pace of Play Policy will be signaled by verbal notification by an Official. Officials at checkpoints should never be confronted.

  • It is the player’s responsibility to recognize and acknowledge when breach has occurred at each checkpoint and penalties must be recorded on their scorecards
  • Penalties are to be added to the checkpoint hole the group received the Red Card or was notified of a breach (usually Nos. 9 & 18)
  • A player concerned about slow players in a group should first remind others in the group of the PBCGA Pace of Play Policy and encourage them to play more efficiently
  • The concerned player should, before or after penalties are assessed, request an Official to monitor the group
  • Appeals for exceptional situations will be considered only in the scoring area after the completion of the round and prior to the return of the player’s scorecard. All appeals are at the sole discretion of the PBCGA Executive Director.

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