PBCGA COMMUNITYPBCGA Community Update: Take Stock in Children

PBCGA Community Update: Take Stock in Children


August 8, 2022


Lidia Vargas

Director of Development

(561) 603-9718




Dear Community Partners,


My mother and grandfather are two of the most giving individuals I have ever met. Growing up, I watched them make great personal sacrifices to enrich the lives of complete strangers. About 5 years ago, I reached the point in my career where I had enough free time to carry this torch and focus on helping others. While brainstorming ideas with a good friend, he brought up Take Stock. He supported the program over the last few years financially and told me about the program’s ability to successfully navigate kids through high school and college.


I did more research on the effectiveness of the program and was completely blown away! This is where I could make the biggest positive impact in our community. I was introduced to Nancy Stellway and immediately knew it was the perfect fit. I became a mentor and joined the board.


The amount of deserving kids we can help in Palm Beach County is only limited by funding. As Board Chair, it is a top priority to raise money through fundraisers, corporate sponsors and individuals in the community. I also work closely with Nancy and the team to make thoughtful decisions about the direction of the program and ensure we operate as efficiently as possible.


I am now mentoring my 2nd high schooler at Palm Beach Gardens High. To be a successful mentor, it takes dedication, creativeness and support from Take Stock. Mentors, please know that I appreciate you…you are the lifeblood of this program.

I am now mentoring my 2nd high schooler at Palm Beach Gardens High. To be a successful mentor, it takes dedication, creativeness and support from Take Stock. Mentors, please know that I appreciate you…you are the lifeblood of this program.

The Take Stock team sacrifices their personal lives as well to help these kids. I see it every day and am inspired and humbled. We are accomplishing great things together. 


Best regards, 


Evan Bolinski

Board Chair Take Stock in Children Palm Beach County

Co-Founder Urban Alpha

Program News

Our Team has been busy planning for the upcoming school year and is excited to roll out our new fall workshops beginning at the end of August. We will facilitate these workshops by grade level and invite students, parents, and mentors to attend these events. We will be covering topics including program requirements, college and career readiness tips, graduation requirements and grad-ready milestones, professionalism, and FAFSA planning, to name a few.

As our Program continues to grow, we are actively recruiting community mentors to

“Change a Life over Lunch.”

If you are interested in mentoring or are involved in an organization or business that is interested in hosting a recruitment event, please reach out to Kimberly at KBriard@takestockpalmbeach.org

In the Community

On Thursday, August 4th, we held our Annual Target Shopping event at the Wellington South Target. We invited 50 students and their mentors to shop for back-to-school supplies for the upcoming school year. At this event, students received a $200 Target gift card, funded by donors.

Thanks to our incredible donors, we raised over $10,000 for children in need!

(Joel M Weissman Pa, C Debra Welch, Sellars, Marion & Bachi, P.A. Jamie Lynn Comrie Psychological Affiliates, Heather Stohlman, The Law Offices of Greenhill Stohlman, P.A., Jessica Shapiro, Cathleen Ward, Philip Ward, Ward Damon PL, Caren Gottesman, Psychological Alliance, P.L., Kathryn M. Beamer PA, Denise Saporito, Kathy Steele, Stephen Tuber, and Julia Wyde Brinkley Morgan)

Ways to Support

We appreciate your time and interest in our organization. Take Stock in Children program’s model is rated “best in class” by the Florida Legislature with 98% of our students graduating high school and 74% obtaining a post-secondary credential (compared to only 27% of their peer group). For low-income and minority students, education is the key to success and upward mobility. Take Stock in Children is the single-largest nonprofit purchaser of Florida Prepaid College Foundation Scholarships with assets totaling more than $250M, and over $18M awarded to Palm Beach County students. Our scholarship plans are purchased at half-price and matched $ for $ through our partnership with the Florida Prepaid Foundation, enabling us to serve twice as many students. 


Join us, “take stock in a child today,” and help us ensure that all students, no matter their background, have equitable access to quality education.

Palm Beach County Golf Association Scholarship & Mentorship Fund

Each year the Palm Beach County Golf Association awards scholarships to deserving and worthy college students.  We are proud of the fact that our efforts have made a difference in the lives of many area students.  Currently 20+ students are receiving PBCGA sponsored tuition scholarships thanks your recent generous donations! If you would like to get involved, you can do so by making a tax-deductible donation to the PBCGA Scholarship Fund.

The Palm Beach County Golf Association has awarded over $460,000 to 185 + area college students to help with their college education. These scholarships have helped students pay for tuition, books and other fees so that they could be more dedicated to their studies.

Since 2010, the PBCGA has partnered with Take Stock in Children – Palm Beach County to provide tuition scholarships to attend the Florida state college of their choice.

Take Stock in Children is a statewide mentoring/scholarship program. The program enrolls middle school, low-income students and helps them succeed by providing college and vocational scholarships, volunteer mentors, student advocates, early intervention and long-term support.

Scholarship recipients and their parents sign a performance contract pledging to stay in school, remain drug free, and out of trouble. Upon successful completion of the program, the students receive either a 2-year or a 2+2 scholarship purchased through the Florida Prepaid College Program.

  • Student Promise: Self Accountability
  • Parental Involvement: Increasing the Chances of Success
  • Motivation and Support: Volunteer Mentoring
  • Academic Assistance: Student Advocates/Case Managers
  • College Scholarships: Hope for a Better Future
  • Continuation of Mentoring: Increasing Likelihood of College Graduation

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