2022Recovery Tuesday: Ease Sacroiliac Pain with Laser Therapy

Recovery Tuesday: Ease Sacroiliac Pain with Laser Therapy

Sacroiliac pain (SI pain) can be debilitating and while it may be chronic, there are effective ways to manage the pain and restore your mobility.

One of the most effective ways to ease SI pain is using low-level laser therapy, helping SI patients avoid having to use highly addictive pain medications or muscle relaxants.

LLLT improves blood circulation in the ligaments that support the sacroiliac joints, providing significant pain improvement and increased trunk mobility. Read on to learn more about SI pain management.

What is SI?

SI pain typically comes from the lower back where the sacrum connects to your pelvis but sacroiliitis can also cause pain in your legs. Often, if you have one leg that’s a bit longer than the other, you will experience SI pain.

People with reduced lumbar spine segments often experience sacroiliac pain. It’s a joint dysfunction and can sometimes be misdiagnosed as a herniated disc.

What Does SI Feel Like?

Sacroiliac pain can feel like sciatica, shooting sharp pains or numbness and tingling down your buttocks and thighs. It causes stiffness in your lower back and hips which can make it painful to exercise. In extreme cases, it can be painful just to climb stairs.

How to Treat SI Joint Pain At Home?

Thankfully there are non-surgical options for SI pain relief and patients can use at-home treatments.
Some patients find relief using over-the-counter pain medicines and NSAIDs (anti-inflammatory medications).

Laser therapy using the LumaCare Duo provides sustained relief and can be easily applied at home.

This medical study on low-level laser light therapy explains how LLLT, applied on the bilateral tender points twice/week for 5 weeks, successfully reduced SI pain. The study involved male and female patients who averaged in age at 50.

The LumaCare Duo enables you to apply LLLT in the comfort of your own home. Also, it costs much less than other cold lasers and can eliminate repetitive office-visit fees.

Those who suffer from SI pain due to a discrepancy in leg length can find pain relief just by placing a shoe wedge in the shoe of the shorter leg. This may even out leg lengths.

Stretching exercises, such as letting one leg dangle from the bedside while you bring the knee of the opposite leg to your chest, can help ease SI pain.

Lastly, an SI belt may help support the muscles around the pelvis to relieve pain.

What’s Best for SI Pain Management?

There isn’t just one approach to SI pain management and this article is not a substitute for professional medical care or professional medical advice.

You should speak with your physician about any pain emanating from the lower back and pelvic area for proper diagnosis and to discuss the best treatment plan for you.

If LLLT is part of that treatment plan, contact us to learn more about safe and portable Cold Laser Therapy solutions for back, neck, and shoulder pain.


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