2022Skins Game

Skins Game

For the majority of events a daily skins game will be conducted at the option of each player. 
In a skins game – the golfers that opted in before their opening round, compete against their fellow competitors within their division. A skin is awarded to the lone golfer who posts the lowest score for each hole; no skin is awarded in case of a tie and there are no carry-overs. 

If there is no physical registration onsite before the round how can I register?

  1. Skins Game registrations may be completed with cash in person or in advance via Venmo.
  2. Skins Game winnings will be collected via the same form of entry.
  3. Find PBCGA Staff onsite/starting tee or submit via Venmo @PalmBeach-CountyGolf
  4. In the case a player does not have access to a Venmo account, arrangements may be made to complete registration via Zelle. Tournament Director will provide reference phone number.  


  1. Skins Game participation will ONLY be accepted prior to your starting time during the opening round.
  2. Participation MUST be for the entire event. 
  3. Skins Participation Rule of Thumb – $10 per player per day
    • 36-hole Event = $20 per player
    • 36-hole Team Events = $40 per team
    • 54-hole Team Events = $60 per team

What is Venmo and how do I use it?

Venmo is a mobile payment service owned by PayPal. Venmo account holders can transfer funds to others via a mobile phone app. Set-up your Venmo account before your arrival here

  • Send payment directly to @PalmBeach-CountyGolf
  • Or Search for “Palm Beach County Golf Assn.”


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