202228th Annual Sam Smidt Cup: PBCGA & SEC

28th Annual Sam Smidt Cup: PBCGA & SEC


The Smidt Cup is a team event where the PBCGA takes on the Southeast Chapter Professionals. It will consist of 12 players. The top 9 from the open division plus the top 2 seniors along with 1 captain’s choice will make up the team. The format will be Individual & Team Match Play.  In each foursome, there will be three simultaneously played matches.  Each player has a single match, and each team has a better ball match.  Matches will be scored using a Nassau point system, where the front nine of the golf course is worth a point, the back nine of the golf course is worth a point and the total 18 holes is worth a point.

PBCGA Retains The Cup

Team PBCGA: Brandon Smith, Richard Donegan, Austin Powell, Jeb Buchanan, Scott Butler, Robbie Wight, Andrew Riley, Patrick Poate, Adam Parisi, Dan Eggertsson, Brad Stewart, Rick Othmer

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