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TOURNAMENT PAGE: 27TH ABACOA JUNIOR SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIP (October 14-15, 2023) The Abacoa Junior Senior, sponsored and hosted by Abacoa Golf Club, will be a 36-hole Modified Alternate Shot/Better Ball Championship with teams comprised of a Junior golfer (49 years and younger) partnered up with a Senior golfer (50 years and older). First Round: Modified Alternate Shot – Both […]

To begin learning the Rules of Golf, it is recommended to start by thoroughly reading and studying the definitions provided in the Rules of Golf book. Gaining an understanding of the “Language of the Game” and the specific meanings of common words used in the rules, such as “bunker,” “equipment,” “embedded,” “animal,” and “moved,” is […]

Nationwide Health, Wellness & Active Lifestyle company increases PBCGA support PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fl. — The Palm Beach County Golf Association has announced an Official Partnership with CURALEAF, a nationwide leader in providing patients with quality cannabis for health and wellness for the last decade. Curaleaf is a leading source for cannabis products held to […]